cat friend

Yes you did just read that right, and no I promise I’m not going to completely disrespect dogs. I’m a crazy cat lady, always have been, always will be! 

The reason for this weeks slight rant? Well O2 are seriously pulling my whiskers right now with their ‘be more dog’ marketing. It’s completely discriminating against cats! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve noticed not everyone loves them quite as much as I do. You know the type, as soon as you mention anything cat related they roll their eyes and go into a deep anti cat rant, like we own some kind of crazed criminal and we’re letting them live in our own homes!

So to make all of those anti cat people realise just how awesome it is to be friends with the felines, I’ve listed the points that make cats cool.

They Don’t Smell

If you’re not a cat person you can always smell a dog in a dog owner’s home. It just comes with the territory. No matter how much you tell yourself it doesn’t smell, it probably does. But you can’t walk into a cat person’s home and smell cat. Nope those cool cats know how to cover their tracks.

cat on a mat

They Don’t Drool

Slobbering mutts are all well and cute when they’re puppies, but then five years later when they’re a full grown dog drooling over your heels and flopping their sloppy chops all over your fresh sheets, they’re not so cute. And you soon become best friends with your febreeze!


They’re Always Cute

Yes! Even when they’re being a complete pain in the ass and clawing at your arms, they look cute. Those little paws and those bigs eyes simply want to play, even if you’re arm is starting to get hacked to pieces, the pain is worth it. Admit it, when you’re trying to do some work and they’re walking all over the keyboard to get your attention, it’s ingenious and you wish in your own way you could find a habit just as annoying, that would get you some attention so promptly.

cute kitten

They’re Sassy

Everything a cat does is cool. Like furry little ninjas they make the simplest of tasks so elegant and agile, it’s like gravity doesn’t exist and there’s no such thing as boundaries. As humans we’re so clunky and dysfunctional, but they’ve completely nailed it. To cats the world is one big play area and they’re the masters. Although even when they do take the odd tumble they manage to get embarrassed, which is pretty entertaining to watch.

cat play

They Bring You Gifts

Yes they may be in the form of dead animals, but it’s the thought that counts! Dogs are alway doing as they’re told. As if they’re ever going to just stroll out the house and pick you up a gift. Whereas cats on the other hand think for themselves, and if you’ve been a good owner, you can expect a disgusting gift when you get up in the morning.

cat and mouse

Don’t get me wrong, cats certainly have their days, but I just wish they didn’t have such a bad rep. They’re not all the same, and they’re far more intelligent than we often give them credit for. So next time you begin ranting about cats, I’d take a moment to check that none of them can hear you. After all, cats are always the ones that are going to take over the world!

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