One of my favourite things about fashion is that it is ever-changing, evolving and re-appropriated by those that are inspired by past trends and styles. Marina Diamandis, lead singer of the band Marina and the Diamonds, has been away from the music spotlight for the past year but has made her presence back on the scene known with a stunning vintage look that demonstrates exactly how fashions of the past can inspire looks of today in a way that is new, on trend and definitely eye-grabbing.

Marina has said the inspiration for her new look comes from three women of whom she holds a particular adoration for. Silver screen sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe, pop-icon Madonna and historical figure, Marie Antoinette. Not only were these women famous for their role in society or participation in the cultural arts, but each are remembered for their memorable style and fashion that influenced almost every woman’s wardrobe both during their time and ever since. Marinas permed, bouffant blonde hair definitely pays homage to the styles these women fashioned and is so striking that even the darkest brunettes of us might be tempted to call in at the salon on the way home from the office.

Pastel greys, candy-floss pinks, soft cashmeres and peplum silhouettes describe Marina’s new look and make her very much in-keeping with the SS12 trends. And so, Marinas new look is an on trend, nostalgic illustration of how past styles can be interpreted for today’s use and therefore a great excuse for us all to head to the high-streets and remember the women who helped shape the fashions of many women today.

Marni Banks


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