The Little Black Dress: A potent expression of a woman’s identity

The Little Black Dress: A potent expression of a woman’s identity

Here at MSL we love all things fashion; events, exhibitions, new collections and especially your stories. Sometimes, it is also nice to sit back and appreciate some hidden gems. For me, the little black dress is definitely one of my most treasured fashion items and one I could talk about for ages.

Every woman’s wardrobe has a little black dress. The iconic little black dress is the epitome of style as its mysterious and alluring existence is both sophisticated and sexy. The little black dress can transform every woman into a svelte and seductive goddess, whose class and presence is to everyone’s awe. The little black dress is renowned as a symbol of femininity and when looking at the different ways the dress can be worn, it is not hard to see why.

Arriving to the world of fashion in 1926, the little black dress has remained timeless. Never out of fashion, or seen on last season’s discount rails, the LBD is a default item for every woman; it lives in our pasts our presents and our futures. The little black dress offers us security and comfort as we can always rely on it to make us feel and look like the amazing women we are. It is the insurance piece of every woman’s wardrobe but demands as much appreciation as a daring “wow factor” gown. We can hide behind it, feel protected and conceal aspects of our identities in the little black dress, yet at the same time the dress offers us a chance to fulfil all our desires and release the confident, fierce woman inside us. Just as Edna O’Brien wrote in women’s magazine Mirabella in 1994, “it is as if one of us have one titular robe, and it is that special black dress that is both chic and armour”.

This Summer colours, bright and pale, are definitely on trend and what better way to wear them than with a little black dress? One of my favourite things about this dress is its versatility. It is a dress for all occasions. Just mix and match and let your personality show through with bright jewellery and accessories. For the holiday goers, no need to worry about luggage weight. Just pack your little black dress together with your favourite accessories and your good to go. Like a best friend, you can always rely on a little black dress.

By Marni Banks


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