A Fashionable Life: Grace Banks

There is not much this girl does not know about fashion and even has been a consultant and lecturer on the subject. She has managed to fit in an illustrious career in only a few years. As an intern at Grazia, Grace was recommended for the job at the fashion features desk at InStyle and since then her career has only gone from strength to strength. She currently helps to develop brands through advertising whilst being a contributing writer for Aishti, the Middle East’s most prominent luxury lifestyle magazine. Grace shares her secrets with MSL on how to live a very fashionable life.

1.Tell us a bit about yourself and your career.

I’m a fashion writer, stylist and creative. I started my career as an intern for Time Out, New Woman and Grazia. Whilst I was at Grazia I was recommended for a role on the fashion features desk at InStyle magazine and I stayed there for a year. I then moved to a creative agency where I started working with fashion brands doing everything from creating magazines to styling and interviewing designers to fashion consulting. I then went freelance. I now do a mixture of fashion writing, consulting, guest lecturing and fashion advertising.

2. Describe your typical day.

Every day is different! Which is part of the reason I love my job. At the moment I’m working on the spring/summer ’12 campaign for a luxury fashion retailer so a lot of my time is taken up with that. I will choose what clothes the model will wear to the trends and copy to the music in the advert. At other times I’ll be interviewing a designer for a feature, brainstorming for future campaigns or working on trend reports. Fashion week is coming up so I’ll be going to shows during that time.

3.Do you have a treasured piece of clothing that you have kept hold of?

My favourite item is a YSL black oversized chiffon shirt. I was given it after working on a fashion show a couple of years ago. It’s black and bit gothic and it never goes out of style. I wear it with everything – a body con dress with desert boots or paired with hi-tops. It’s really versatile and chic.

4. What is the story behind the item? And why is it special to you?

I was given the shirt as a thank you for the work I’d done on a charity fashion show for the White Ribbon Alliance – Fashion For Relief. I’d helped a lot with the show, and it was a really lovely gesture. It has quite a sentimental value as it was early on in my career and it reminds me of the young me!

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like visiting galleries and exhibitions; the Hayward and the Gagosian are two of my favourites. I also love shopping for vintage and original editions of books. I like to spend time with my friends too. There are some lovely new bars in London that are so fun for an evening out, Happiness Forgets and The Experimental Cocktail Club are two of my current favourites.

6. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it

To be yourself and do what you love. If I was to give advice to young girls, I would say find out what really makes you happy and don’t compromise in getting it. Keep moving forward and be creative!

7. Tell us a fun tip!

Bio oil. It makes an amazing hair mask just leave it on all night and wash it out in the morning!

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    What an inspiring person, it seems like she got it all right, even though you can see that she worked for it and she managed to realize her dream. This is what allot of people who have dreams should know and learn. The advise she gives to her younger self is probably the same I would give to my younger self. Thaks.

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