London is once again the centre of the fashion world but this time it is for a completely unrelated reason… sport. Sport and fashion are rarely placed together, at least the fashion I am talking about anyway. However, with the Olympics on our door step we too can’t help but get swept up in the frenzy.

Get your leotards on, leg warmers at the ready and wipe the sweat off your brow. The Fashion Olympics are in town…

This year the Gold Award goes to… (drum roll please) Stella McCartney. Not only has this woman been a constant source of inspiration to designers across the globe, she has also designed the uniforms for Team GB. A true champion in the making.


The Silver Award goes to a designer who has brought the focus back onto British fashion and got people talking about how much they love all things English. The designer in question is of course the one and only Mary Katrantzou. A round of applause for Mary please…


Last but by no means least, the Bronze Award goes to Henry Holland. After running in the London Marathon alongside his best friend, Agyness Deyn we have seen a different side to this designer and of course who can help but fall in love with his adorable quiff and his playful sense of humor.


Grace Molan


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