The fashion industry in the Middle East is huge. Championing an ideal fashion and business infrastructure, the people of the Arab state are creative and fashion-forward, generating exiting fashion designers who dress men and women in the latest, desirable apparel. Saudi Arabian dress strictly follows the principles of hijab, which is the Islamic principle of modesty. However, underneath the abaya (the traditional cloak for females), the women of Saudi Arabia proudly fashion some of the most beautiful designer, couture and ready-to-wear clothes. Here at MSL, we have been taking a look at some of the Middle East’s emerging designers. Ana Zayan, Poca Poca, Noon by Noor and Le Grana are all very distinctive in their styles, with strong middle-eastern influences, yet their collections show some similarities to western fashion trends. We’ve created a miniature look book for you to see some of the refined, feminine and elegant collections from a sample of designers.

Ana Zayan
Ana Zayan, a Dubai based designer, is not scared of mixing flirtatious and determinedly girly styles together to create collections that are popular throughout the whole world. Drawing inspiration from herself, Ana Zayan states “I dream up clothes I would love to wear myself!”

Ana Zayan collection

Poca Poca
Established in 2010, this Polish designer’s collections are exceptional, created from the use of unique fabrics. The designs hold on to their polish identity with the designers sticking to their roots, yet they have founded such a strong fan base in Middle Eastern countries. This collection can be described as ultra-feminine, sugar-coated in all things girly and sweet.


Noon by Noor
This designer is the glamazon of Bahrain. Looking at the designs, they aim to suit the modern women whether they are a high flyer in their career, or busy looking after their successful family. Their innovative designs merge elegance with exotic charm, highlighted by unexpected details such as hand stitching, and homemade accents.


Le Grana
Last but not least, Le Grana is based in Canada with collections designed by Grana Khan who was born in Dubai. Grana’s designs are inspired by her travels through major metropolitans around the world, from the radiant streets of Pakistan to the mighty skyscrapers of New York City and London. Le Grana pays special attention to modest detailing whilst always having an eye focused on the high glamour of cosmopolitan living.


Marni Banks

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