Here at MSL we regularly unearth and pay tribute to inspiring women from around the world, though it is very rare that we discover emerging talents worthy of inspirational accolade at such a young age. Step forward Eve-Yasmine Saoud-Easton a 17-year-old teen presenter who is taking the world by storm! In her own words she proclaims “I’m full of ambitions and am working hard to work my way up in the world of entertainment”. Eve-Yasmine is a young entrepreneur with bags of ambition and steely determination to boot.

For most of us, nostalgically reminiscing our teenager years brings back fond memories of carefree days and a predominantly uncomplicated existence. Though it seems that young business women nowadays are biting off a lot more than we could have ever dreamed of chewing! For Eve-Yasmine “there are no normal days” remarkably the young professional manages to juggle her ever expanding television and presenting career whilst studying for a BTEC in performing arts. Eve-Yasmine’s complex schedule never sees two days the same “There’ll be [times] where I’m focusing on college…then there’ll be days where I’m off to the other side of London to interview a celebrity”. From our candid interview it is evident that Eve-Yasmine is in full control of her destiny; despite her busy schedule and incredibly hectic lifestyle. For Miss Saoud-Easton everyday is sub-consciously centred on “making dreams happen”.

As a self proclaimed “people person [who] loves to network” it is no surprise that Eve has been scooped up into the world of celebrity. Her easy-going nature and ‘go get em’ attitude are just a few of the many attributes that make her such a great young presenter. In her own words when asked what she enjoys most about her job Eve-Yasmine proclaims “EVERYTHING! It’s so great to do a job you have a big passion and drive for. The challenges are awesome and I love that I’m constantly learning”; and the challenges that the 17 year old faces daily don’t come much bigger than interviewing music legends, Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones. Eve earmarks the fantastic coup as a highlight in her career “I got such as buzz from chatting with them, in my eyes they are music royalty!”

Now no Maggie Semple interview would be quite complete without us delving into the wardrobe of our inspirational interviewees to find out what really makes them tick…stylistically speaking of course. For Eve-Yasmine it’s a lego lips necklace created by Bwoy Wonder “it has become a signature piece and now I’m always wearing something with lips on it!” Eve believes the necklace has become representative of who she is as a presenter; much like a status symbol of recognition. Worn at big events in her young life such as Casablanca fashion week and interviewing Sean Paul the necklace certainly holds a lot of significance, as well as fast becoming a good luck charm!

To conclude our insightful look into Eve-Yasmine’s exciting life we asked the young entrepreneur to offer up some advice to other fledgling young women looking to make their dreams happen. Eve believes success is achievable if you simply “do you”, she states that by staying true to your morals and who you are you will “get to the place you want to be” With such profoundly wise words coming we couldn’t help but wonder if Eve had any regrets or perhaps some advice she might give herself now that she’s a little more established in the industry to which she honestly replied “Have confidence in yourself and brush off the negativity from others”

Having achieved so much in such a short space of time it is clear that the future holds very big things for Eve-Yasmine, we can’t wait to catch up with her soon to find out all about the next chapter!

Jenna Jones

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