As you enter into Getty’s simplistic Gallery you are greeted with a plethora of striking Black and White images artfully distributed throughout the space. To your right are enlarged stills from selected Marilyn films and to your left sits the wondrous collection of gowns and costumes that were once worn by the lady herself, safely concealed behind a glass partition like semi-precious jewels! The impressive assemblage of photographs beautifully portrays the movie stars magical life. From a demure brunette Norma Jean Baker to a confident platinum blonde Marilyn the pictures truly capture the essence of the iconic actress. It is evidently clear viewing photo after photo that the show stopping Marilyn never once ‘turned it off’, forever in character each photograph is a freeze frame that encapsulates Miss Monroe’s sultry but fun loving spirit.

Despite being incredibly hard to believe, the year of 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s untimely death. In order to commemorate the stars momentous career The Getty Images Gallery has unveiled the aptly named ‘Marilyn’ exhibition; revisiting the icons life’s highlights through stunning photographs and a stylish collection of some of the Hollywood starlets most memorable dresses and costumes.

Being in the presence of the iconic costumes once worn by the notorious starlet is a genuinely magical experience. Whilst browsing the stunning collection of gowns you are instantaneously transported back to Marilyn’s heyday. Films, music and art of the time subtly invade your sub-conscious contributing towards the enchanted atmosphere in the gallery; you manage to envision Marilyn as she was at her very best, a time in which nothing or no one else compared. The daring cuts and plunging necklines of Marilyn’s most synonymous gowns show cased the beauty in all of her voluptuous glory, a true woman who became the pinup for healthy confident women.

Marilyn Monroe | Getty Images | Exhibitions | Maggie Semple

There aren’t many women today, yesterday or dare we say it even tomorrow that could come close to capturing the glamour and classic style of Marilyn Monroe. In 36 years Miss Monroe went from young model to mega movie star, making 29 films and starring in countless photo shoots. In much the same way as Princess Diana Marilyn Monroe was a people’s person, managing to eloquently connect with an audience with just a single glance. Her throes of international fans absolutely adored her charm and it is to them that Marilyn was eternally grateful.

“If I’m a star, then the people made me a star”. Marilyn Monroe

The exhibitions exciting content – never seen before in London – is an incredible coup for the British gallery. The incredible photographs and infamous gown collection- courtesy of David Gainsborough Roberts’ staggering collection of Marilyn memorabilia – simultaneously highlight Marilyn’s untimely death whilst bringing her beautifully back to life. Director of Getty Images Gallery, Louise Garczewska says “We are extremely excited to present our Marilyn exhibition, offering the public unparalleled and rare access to Marilyn’s life through the iconic images from Getty images extensive archival collection”

The exhibition, running until 23rd May at Eastcastle Street London is a must see for Monroe fans and better still entry is completely free. Channel your inner Marilyn and enjoy!

Images Getty Images Gallery

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