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‘In France 20 years defines a generation, this is a celebration of the first generation of this brand; an anniversary of its first young adventure’ Christian Louboutin

To celebrate his 20th anniversary in fashion the original ‘sole man’ himself Christian Louboutin has unveiled an all new glittering capsule collection to mark the momentous occasion. Available now at a beautiful pop-up shop in Selfridges, the stylish temporary location is a glamorous taster to whet the appetites of Louboutin lovers, before the range is soon sold in boutiques worldwide.

The stunning new collection is an eclectic mixture of 20 styles ranging from structured brogues to summer sandals, with a sufficient sprinkling of sky scraper heels and thigh-high boots. The luxurious 20 strong compilation, which also features a men’s range and handbags, encapsulates iconic signature designs inspired by the legendary styles that have made Christian a household name.

Selfridges inspiring concept store truly epitomised a Louboutin lover’s heaven and the department stores iconic window displays were a true sight to behold! Covering 3 windows of the stores Oxford Street front, the show stopping displays are a psychedelic mix of 1960’s flower power fun and weird but wonderful origami-esque design, all centred around the shoemakers stunning new designs.

Once inside the pop-up shop is truly a work of art, worshipping the world of Louboutin. The 20 bespoke designs are beautifully displayed on polished red shelves and glass tiered platforms, portraying the creations in simplistic style. Vintage full length mirrors and a black and white mosaic collage of famous Louboutin snapshots complete the memorable store.

Christian Louboutin is an undeniable shoe genius. His creative influences, mesmerising designs and avid dedication to women around the world place Louboutin in a class of his own, inspirationally changing the fashion world one pair of red soles at a time!

Jenna Jones

Images from Haute Living

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