Chocolate, some may argue, is one of the most addictive substances available to us on the planet. It certainly is for the chocoholic that I know, with coffee coming a very close second. It all began when as a small child she lived off purely sweet substances. Cakes, sweets, ice cream; the higher the sugar content the better. As an adult, the need for chocolate in particular has only grown. Driven to distraction, she can often be found travelling further than would even be considered plausible by most people, when the cravings strike late at night and the doors of local convenience stores are firmly closed until early the following morning. Kept as her own dark secret, few would guess the extent of her untameable need, as she refrains from making her little habit public knowledge. Behind closed doors, her loved ones know that if anything gorgeous and sickly is left within the confines of the family home, then there is little chance it will still remain when they return, such is her capacity for treats. Easter eggs, advent calendars, birthday gifts, stocking fillers and assortment tins have all fallen prey, sheepishly replaced at a later date by the guilty culprit.

Some might expect that with this insatiable appetite, this clear lack of self-discipline when around any Cadbury products would come coupled with an otherwise unhealthy, uncontrolled lifestyle. They would be sorely mistaken. An attractive, successful, highly educated professional who cuts a slim figure and is impeccably dressed, this chocoholic chomps down any stereotypical assumptions one might make when imagining the sort of person who can devour several “perfect for sharing” bags of chocolate within one very limited sitting. True, she is often adorned with her signature colour that is not too dissimilar from the tempting velvety wrapper which encases all of those delicious Dairy Milk bars, but this alone could be the only slight giveaway on view; an unintentional nod to her overwhelming love for luscious creamy chocolate in vast quantities.

Perhaps the reality for this particular chocolate lover is that half of the pleasure of regularly indulging, is that it is such a contrast from her usual activity. Catch her hard at work and you might notice the growing pile of coloured wrappers hidden behind the screen of her Macbook. Catch her refuelling her car and glimpse the handful of treats quickly placed on the counter whilst paying for her petrol. Catch her out to dinner and see that she has to interrupt her journey home afterwards for another quick fix. Or maybe, just maybe, leave her to it. I think that many of us would adore being able to get away with having such a confectionary habit so spectacularly. So here’s to the sneaky chocoholic… relish your ability to consume sweets until your heart is content – you truly are one of the lucky ones.

By Sophie Seymour

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