It is not often that we regular folk are given the chance to get up close and personal with couture designers. In fact it is not often we get close to couture itself. A new boutique event aims to change just that by showcasing new emerging fashion designers and young labels at the first ever Couture Fair.


Alena Lantukh (designer) – Photo by Oleg Pavlov


Featuring sixteen designers from around the world, this is a unique opportunity to see their work first hand and perhaps even snap up an early creation from the next big thing in fashion. From jewellery designers like Nina van Houten to Robert Gray’s dreamlike and sensuous garments this event promises to showcase the best young talent. Each designer brings their own individual take on fashion but what they have in common is their talent, creativity and enthusiasm.

Kristjan Eyjolfsson (designer) – Photo by James Harris

The event director Jelena Marinovic started Couture Fair to help talented young designers to forge connections, get media exposure and experience selling directly to the public. It is a unique opportunity for the designers to get feedback and open up their work to a wider audience and for the general public to hear from the creators themselves the stories and inspirations behind their creations.

Natasha Moorhouse (designer) – Photo by Lynn Herrick

Couture fair is open to the public on the 7th, 8th and 9th June 2013 at Calvert 22 gallery in Shoreditch, London, which is the perfect backdrop to discover some of fashion’s most up and coming names as they are on the cusp of success. If you cannot make it along to the event itself then you can visit their website where you can learn more about the designers featured and items from the fair will be available to buy.

Anes Kim (designer) – Photo by Diana Pai

With no admission fee it is worth visiting this carefully curated event which, like the city itself, will be a melting pot of culture and talent. Boasting exquisite luxury at affordable prices, will you ever forgive yourself if you don’t go and see what the fuss is about?

By Samantha Vandersteen

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