An avid shopper will understand when I say there is nothing better than the sweet satisfaction of walking out a shop with a brand new item of clothing that you trust will save you from those dreaded mornings where you stare unimaginatively into your wardrobe and say to yourself, “I have nothing to wear”. From a young age, I have always thought of clothes shopping like finding best friends or life long partners, searching for a wardrobe I can rely on and never get bored of. The principle of purchasing clothes to last is the same for jewellery. A ring is symbolic of permanency and bracelets, especially friendship bracelets are bought or gifted to stand the test of time and be worn continuously. If this is the case then and we really do love finding items that we can wear again and again, why is it so frowned upon when a celebrity is seen wearing the same thing twice and why do we get so caught up on making sure a dress hasn’t been seen by the same people at a party more than once?

In a world of fast moving fashion, the two-time clothes wearer is often shunned immediately and reported to the fashion police. Kate Middleton’s style was recently put in detention as she was seen wearing the same patent cream court shoes more than once. But give the girl a break. The shoes looked comfortable, they looked good, and it’s not like the rest of us ever limit ourselves to wearing our favourite shoes to just the once. After all, how would Converse get their infamous worn look if we didn’t wear them repeatedly?

One of the most photographed women in the world of showbiz and fashion is Victoria Beckham. Facing flashing lights every time she leaves the house, Victoria always ensures she is dressed impeccably. It has recently become very apparent that her new favourite item is the flared jean, having been seen in them more than once. Slimming and synonymous with this summer hippie-inspired trend, we are all following suit. The mother of four and designer has proven she is like every other normal woman in the world, and if she feels good in her favourite jeans, she is not afraid to be seen it them more than once. Victoria even went as far as telling the world she was proud to wear the same jeans twice on twitter and included an image of her donning them in the L.A sunshine.

Here at MSL we encourage you to dig deep into your wardrobes to find items of clothing, jewellery and other accessories that you can feel proud about wearing time and time again. If it is one of your favourites and is sentimental to you, it can never go out of fashion. We have been sharing many blog posts with you on here lately that show the booming 90s trend, so don’t lose faith in any items, even if you have worn them decades in a row. And don’t forget, there are many ways you can style your clothes to look different each time.

So if you’re guilty of two-timing, don’t hide in shame anymore. Get the most out of your most treasured fashion items, just don’t forget to wash them every now and then!

Marni Banks

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