From pre-school friendships to the close bonds we form at university or the work colleagues we soon come to view as good friends, it is the people in our lives who really make up the very essence of what it’s all about.

We are not told of the importance of these friendships growing up. We are fickle and quick to judge. We form friendships based on appearance or status rather than on kindness or honesty.

For some, we are lucky with our very choices, keeping in touch with those we first met at school. As we grow older still, these continue to strengthen as we go through the same ups and downs that mirror those seemingly big mountains – which were only really mole hills – we experienced together so often at school.


They say that these early friendships will always be the strongest. These are the friendships that will last, that will stand the test of time because they’ve stood the longest. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t try though, or to let others in. Some of the best friendships can be those formed completely by chance. Those serendipitous events which result in a new friendship forming, or perhaps an old one reigniting.

They also say that some friendships will simply fall apart. Not necessarily by any fault of either one or the other, but just because it wasn’t meant to last. Perhaps they were only ever meant to be there during a time when you really needed them – a fortuitous friendship you’ll always be thankful for.

friendshipAs you grow older then, you’ll have your circle. Perhaps it has one, or two or even three members. However many there are in this special circle, hold on tight, always make the effort and never let them go. Wherever they may be in the world. Friends are, after all, the family we never had.


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