The past week I have been testing out a few products that I am pretty pleased with. I am constantly looking out for new products for my skin because I am sure, like most people, I want my skin looking it’s best at all times. Whenever I get a spot or some dry skin I will obsess over it for days and try and research any top tips I possibly can.

The first product I’m going to talk you through is Natracare cleansing make-up removal wipes. Now as a makeup artist I should morally be against any kind of makeup wipes and should only own them if they are for wiping my hands! Makeup wipes in general are not easy on the skin, especially round the sensitive eye area and I would always recommend using makeup remover lotion and cotton wool if you can. However I am very aware that time is of the essence these days, even when it comes to makeup removal! Or people mostly find wipes cheaper and less effort, so I know I have to explore options on the market. So the first thought to cross my mind when I used these wipes was that they had a lot less moisture in them than average makeup wipes, which unfortunately caused me to scrub harder on my skin, causing slight irritation around my eyes. However the thing that I love about this product is that it is all organic and natural ingredients including things such as Aloe vera leaf water and chamomilla recutita flower water which are both great for the skin. This product is also vegetarian society approved, so for those of you who are against animal testing, this product is definitely okay for you. The morning after using this product my skin really did feel soft and looked healthy as well as some of my dry areas moistened. So although iIwouldn’t recommend this product for eye makeup removal, I can suggest using it for the makeup removal around the rest of the face as it has benefits to the skin. The wipes also smell great which is a big tick for me!


The next products I’m going to review is the St Kitts Rosemary & Bergamot showergel, shampoo, body lotion and soaps. Now, when I first started using these products I was a little apprehensive as I am personally not a huge fan of the smell of rosemary, but I know that is mainly just me as I’m aware its generally a nice smell to most people! However after using the products for a couple of days I was really pleased with the results. My hair has been chemically mis-treated for years and I am now blonde, which means I am bleaching my hair two to three times a year, causing dryness and split ends which I am definitely not proud of! The shampoo was surprisingly nourishing for my hair and made it so much easier to brush – which is a task that usually takes me at least 15 minutes! The shower gel and body lotion were also highly moisturising for my skin. I suffer greatly from dry skin, especially on my legs. Things such as shaving always cause irritation to my skin and the body lotion really soothed my skin. The soaps were also great – I’m not usually a big fan of bars of soap as I don’t like the way my hands feel after I use it, but again these ones were highly moisturising.

kitssRosemary & Bergamot Guest Set

Lastly I will discuss the benefits of Absolute aromas hair spa; a astringent aromatherapy for oily hair and scalp. I had never been someone that suffered from having over oily hair, however the past few months I have been working in the food service industry, so it is safe to say that my hair now gets a lot greasier than it used to! This blend is really beneficial and easy to use. You simply apply to the hair and leave for half an hour and wash out with a mild shampoo, or alternatively you can leave it over night. Straight away I could see the results – after a night of work my hair would usually feel horrible to touch and look extremely greasy, however this product made me able to leave my hair unwashed for two or three days when it would usually have to be washed every day. It also contains products such as coconut oil and Jojoba seed oil which are extremely nourishing for the hair.


Hair Oils

I hope these reviews help you out over the Christmas period, and maybe even give you a few last minute present ideas. That’s all from me until January, so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happiness for the New Year.

By Connie O’Neill

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