Living in a world consumed by social media and high expectations – particularly in how we look and dress – is something that is magnified for those in the public eye. While many may see this lifestyle as one that is to be aspired to, for others a life of scrutiny seems less than favourable. And for a select few, it was love that thrust them into this gleaming and at times, unforgiving limelight.

Kate Middleton has recently returned from a short trip to Paris. Naturally, her outfits have been photographed, analysed and published in an array of national – and no doubt international – magazines and newspapers. Naturally, she looks every bit the Princess too.

Over the years, it’s certainly clear to see the comparisons that have so often be made between Kate and Diana. Not just in their fashion choices at public appearances but in their values and attitude too.

Last month, an exhibition dedicated to Diana Princess of Wales opened at Kensington Palace in celebration of her style and its evolution through the years. From the demure to the glamorous and the elegant, it showcases her beautiful collection of gowns, including the iconic velvet dress she famously wore at the White House when she danced with John Travolta.

There’s no denying that fashion and appearance makes an instant impression, and while it was Diana’s heart and intentions which ultimately set her apart from so many others in her ‘circle’ – it was reported that she stopped wearing gloves because she wanted to be able to shake, and actually feel, people’s hands during public appearances – her sartorial elegance became as much a part of her character in the end too.

Much like Diana, Kate has excellent judgement when it comes to her style choices. She is tasteful, elegant and unpretentious, which is not always an easy feat to manage when forever in the public eye. 

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