Alexander McQueen/Resort 2013

Everybody who loves fashion loves Alexander McQueen. The label makes us think of rebellion and originality, and we have all learnt to expect utter brilliance when it comes to the McQueen collections. Straying away from the futuristic sense of Autumn/ Winter 2012, Sarah Burton looks back to the menswear side of the Alexander McQueen heritage for inspiration for her latest collection, after giving us three seasons of phenomenal dresses.

Turning her attention to a more tailored look, (reminding us how McQueen used the basis of his brilliant gentlemen’s suits to design ground-breaking female versions) Burton is able to expand this further when creating the resort collection. This could be down to having a female perspective whilst designing the new collection. The standout pieces for this collection are the tailored black suits. The padded shoulders in the suits give off a look of demand and power; only a woman who knows what she wants can wear one of these beautiful ensembles.

Moving further away from the past few seasons at McQueen, Sarah Burton opts for a more chic and sophisticated style, with high waisted trousers that elongate the legs and patent jeweled chain belts. Burton’s bootcut trousers are definitely a stride away from the sickly sweet collection of AW12. If Burton has not won you over with her sartorial trouser suits, perhaps you can be a bit more forgiving with her spot on attempt at creating a playsuit that oozes fun and spontaneity.

Still feeling dissatisfied with Burtons latest collection? Looking at her eveningwear will surely change your mind. The last eight dresses in the collection are sheer elegance and manner; it’s safe to say all eyes would be on you if you entered a room wearing one of these magnificent pieces. Starting the last third of the collection with a fiery orange pleated dress, it seems Burton didn’t have the heart to remove this from the collection, as it is completely different from the rest of the eveningwear. Like it or not, the orange dress gives way for the fantastic works of art yet to follow.

Remember how much of a hit ‘elegantly waisted’ was in the AW12 shows? Burton recreates this look in the last seven dresses in the resort collection. The Gold plated dresses cinched in at the waist, making the torso appear longer and slimmer, change suddenly into a mixture of black dresses with stunning gold patterns, bringing an end to yet another fabulous collection. But it’s really the jewellery we’re all obsessed with; the gold crystal necklace at the start of the eveningwear has us all instantly in love.
Resort 2013 has left us in awe. Well it isn’t like we expected anything else now was it?

Tommy hibbitts


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