Last week I returned from visiting Jordan where I continued my exploration of another Arabian country, and I remain fascinated by the culture, history and the people of the Middle East. I am also continually amazed at just how small the world really is, as I found myself reading a column on the plane to Jordan in the British Airways High Life magazine by columnist Michael Hodges, which mentioned our hidden street of Goodwin’s Court, and how against the bustling backdrop of Covent Garden, this street slows down the pace of London living.

Of course, I couldn’t go to Jordan without visiting the Dead Sea, which marks the Earth’s lowest elevation on land. I took a taxi from Amman, Jordan’s capital, and visited a hotel that overlooked this famous landmark. I was very aware of the temperature increasing from a cool 8 degrees to 18 as we got closer to the destination, and the rain dripped down my window against a background of sunshine. Because of this, on my arrival, there was no-one in the Dead Sea, but immediately in its presence, it had a calming effect.


Although I didn’t step in to the Dead Sea, just seeing it, amid a backdrop of mountains and rolling hills, I found it easy to see why the Jordan Rift Valley is one of the world’s most mesmorising places for many reasons. Its biblical history, its geographical location of being 400m below sea level and its high salt content, which enables you to relax and float in the Dead Sea’s health invigorating waters, makes it one of the most unusual, yet special places I have ever been to.

Experiencing another Middle East Country still manages to surprise me, especially when witnessing the slight differences in culture between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. From a women’s perspective, the mere sight of a woman driving in Jordan came as a welcoming surprise, but it also made me wonder how many more differences exist between Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries.


It goes without saying, that traveling to Jordan has yet again opened my mind to another way of living, the chance to meet new inspiring people, and experience a whole new culture. I am keen for these adventures to continue in the new year and look forward to sharing them with you.

Seasons Greetings.


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