Travelling long-haul for the very first time is an exciting but daunting prospect for me. Not only am I unsure whether I am physically able to sit for 12 hours without losing my mind (and that’s only part one of the journey), I have found the preparation part extremely tricky.

How do I pack for a season I’ve not had time to ease myself into? Usually I shed layers and my sleeves grow shorter over a number of months. But on this occasion, I’ve been walking around in boots, scarves and jumpers, and I’m now supposed to be prepared for dresses and flip flops and perhaps (but hopefully not) a touch of rain, all in the space of 24 hours. All to fit in 30kg, really? Not to mention appropriate outfits for occasions such as Christmas Day and New Year.

For the regular jet setter it may not be such a traumatic experience, but for me, the past week entailed two trying-on sessions, two points of panic, three bag reshuffles and a body combat session with my case to get it zipped up…and I still had to consider what I might wear to the airport!

I won’t pretend I’m now a pro, but I will tell you that I’m currently sat in Heathrow Terminal 4 with a glass of red in hand and I’m feeling pretty good. My huge case is checked in and I’m now just awaiting my flight to Kuala Lumpur before continuing on to see my sister in Melbourne.airpot

On a journey like this, I think comfort is key and most of the people sat around me seem to agree – some going as far as pj bottoms at 8.22pm. So what happened to the days when jet setters were an international class of people who travelled from one fashionable place to another and dressed up for the occasion?

Fear not fashionistas, airport style is not being sacrificed entirely. Accessories have stepped up to the challenge and so we’re still winning. From the classic Longchamp carry-on, to the chic Louis Vuitton wheelie bag, women here at Heathrow have it covered. On top of that, eye-catching neck scarves and big jewellery serve to draw the eye away from leggings and other members of the comfort collection.


It seems the airport shops have also cottoned on to the travel trend. Even high end stores like Salvatore Ferragamo and Michael Kors have reduced their clothing rails and focused on the accessories. Having seen some of the gorgeous colours and styles on offer, it is taking all my willpower not to allow myself a Christmas treat on my credit card.


So there we have it… comfort and style both have a place on the runway – at an airport anyway!

My flight has just been called so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I look forward to letting you in on my Aussie style insights.

By Olivia Parish

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