When MSL got the news that YSL were set to change their name we sat in utter shock; speechless for just a second, before launching into a full on fashionista attack, “How can they do this!?” “What are they thinking!?”

The YSL logo is synonymous with the legacy of the brand, as are the interlocking C’s of Chanel and LV logo of Louis Vuitton. So why on earth would they think to change the instantly recognisable YSL logo?

Hedi Slimane, the new creative director, is the man behind the new re-branding, which will see YSL become SLP (Saint Laurent Paris), for us the name change smacks as asserting dominance. Since being appointed, Slimane is making huge statements in terms of creative control, not only is he intent on changing the brands name and logo, but he has already rebelled against the usual traditions followed by other French labels who base their headquarters in Paris, by basing himself in LA.

The new name is a bold move, but this is a brand that is no stranger to forward thinking. Yves Saint Laurent was the first couturier to launch a ready-to-wear line, his Le-Smoking suit pioneered trouser suits for women and he was the first designer to use black models on the catwalks of Paris. But whether Slimane’s latest decision to go against the grain will be as successful still remains to be seen.

A spokesman for the brand insisted that Slimane’s inspiration for SLP comes from the brands own history, claiming that he is simply looking back to 1966, when the brands ready-to-wear line was launched as Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Although, we cant help but notice that by dropping the Y the SL is mirrored in Slimane’s own surname. Sarah Burton didn’t step up to the plate and turn the House of McQueen into the House of Burton, yet somehow Slimane seems eager to move away and distance himself from the original YSL branding…what did we say about dominance.

The full extent of the re-branding is not yet known, but it is thought that the YSL logo will still remain on some products such as perfumes and cosmetics. Even more confusing! Now it’s YSL cosmetics and SLP clothes? We just cant keep up.

The logo makeover will be presented with Slimane’s first Womenswear collection this autumn and will use similar fonts to the 1966 branding so watch this space.

We are not the only ones who disapprove…

‘It’s like when they changed Opal Fruits to Starburst only 10 times worse.’ Rokit Vintage

‘Sounds like a chain of downmarket budget hotels’. Fashion156.com

Sophie Maguire


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    Pauline Brandt

    YSL is ingrained into the brand like Brighton Rock! It will be interesting to see how the core audience responds!

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