Despite an absolutely glorious Bank Holiday Weekend weather wise, I have a confession to make. I’ve started searching for winter boots. Like I mentioned last week, I am a summer girl through and through; and while I do like the anticipation of autumn, I would much rather be going into summer again.

Alongside the boots (and new knitwear) searches though, I have also been scrolling on Pinterest once or twice for autumn street style inspiration. I may have watched a couple of autumn hauls on YouTube too.

When we think of autumn then, we think of that warm and typically rich colour palette. The deep oranges, claret reds, soft greys and beautiful rusts. Autumn is definitely a season that does a good colour palette. Which is probably why it’s difficult not to get a little excited for it. While we have florals in spring and gingham or stripes for summer, the autumnal shades of the season ahead really do surpass both in my opinion.

Although the shops started getting in their new collections way back as early as June, it’s only really now, as we wave goodbye to August and these last long days of summer, that we’re tempted to look and plan ahead for the colder months to come.

Whatever your skin type, hair colour, dress size or simple personal preference, this rich and enticing colour palette really is for everyone. There’s no need to dress head to toe either, neutrals work perfectly as a base colour, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead with these basics too. Think decent denim, warm thermals and polo necks in soft greys, cream and tans.

Although you may be hanging on to the last of these August days like me, here’s a sneak peek of a few of my autumnal favourites that might just make it into my basket before the weather starts to turn.

Mohair Cardigan | Brora | £59

Classic Slacks | L.F. Markey | £140

Revere Coat | Next | £60

V-Neck Sweater | Whistles | £119

Suede Ankle Boots | M&S | £79

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