As I walk down the roads of central London, it seems to be the calm before the storm for Vogues Fashion Night out. The streets are slowly becoming increasingly lively as stages where set up and vans advertising 15 minute blow-dries parked up in places they saw fit. London’s most famous shopping areas are filled with fashionable people. Bloggers and journalists, Photographers and stylists, along with designers and models were all part of the many fashion conscious people to make up London’s biggest EVER fashion night out and I am glad I was lucky enough to be there to witness it all.

Making my way to the place I’ve 
been most excited to go to, 
Alexander McQueen, I watch as
 people form queues outside their
 favorite stores. They are all laughing and
 smiling, pointing into the shop
 windows at the works of art their 
best loved designers have produced.
 I slip into the queue for McQueen
and see the most beautiful black
feathered dress in the window. People were staring in awe at
 this sophisticated piece. Even the 
mannequin looked tasteful wearing
 another of McQueen’s genius
 garments making it the best dressed
 mannequin of the night.

 standing around talking excitedly to other passionate fashionista’s
 it seemed it was finally 
my turn to be let in. Rails of 
womenswear and menswear were
around the edges of the mirrored
 room, and bright lights allowed you
 to see the clothes clearly and before I knew it I had a grapefruit and vodka concoction in my hands. The vibe inside was just out of this world. The music was blaring as they playing some cool and subtle dance music. Everybody was discussing the other stores they’ve been too and others were discussing how excited they were for fashion week. Being with people who shared my enthusiasm was great. There was a big board with little red envelopes on and each person got to take one off and see if they had won a prize. I saw people look down in anguish as they had not won anything so I was shocked to see I’d won 10% off online.

London was still packed with people as I left McQueen to make my way to Mulberry. I’d been told how busy Mulberry was so it wasn’t a surprise when I had to stand around in the queue for almost an hour, but I knew it would be worth it. Mulberry night out was hosted by creative director Emma Hill and vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman. Mulberry is the place everybody was talking about and it was obvious to see why. There was a full house or the entire evening with The Vaccines and The Night Works DJ’ing. There were gold balloons in the shape of Mulberry bags, pop up oyster stands (shame I don’t like oysters), champagne and chase vodka. Every 10 minutes somebody won a prize from the raffle, which I was envious of the blonde haired girl that walked away with a brand new mulberry bag.

Fashion night out was a complete success. I was glad that I got to experience my first one and I am too excited for next years already. It was incredible to be in a place with so many people who were as passionate about fashion as am. London Fashion week starts tomorrow; I don’t want this September to end.

Tommy Hibbitts

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