It is becoming clearer by the day that vintage apparel will almost certainly never go out of fashion as we continue to source original pieces with which to adorn our bodies. However, the vintage trend no longer stops at clothing and accessories – it is now filtering into our homes in the form of reclaimed furniture and antique fixtures and fittings. Instead of heading straight to Ikea to stock up on ingenious Swedish designed, mass-produced and sometimes sterile-looking pieces, those looking to furnish a new home or give a new lease of life to a forgotten room are turning to car boots, flea markets, auctions and charity shops, seeking out previously loved pieces that can be given a quick makeover or uncovering hidden gems that will add an elegant finesse to a room’s new style.

Interior design has long been an interest of mine and at the moment, Pinterest is my favourite source of inspiration for using old furniture and items in new designs. There are hundreds of pins offering links to tutorials for reclaiming old furniture; from sanding down and repainting chests of drawers in unusual colours to reupholstering antique chairs with neon patterned fabrics. The possibilities are endless, resulting in the greatest chance of having an ultimately unique item amongst a beautifully stylish room.

As I’ve mentioned, the demand for vintage has become very apparent in the design world and likewise, so have other trends, including seasonal colours and fashionable prints and motifs. Spring’s infamously reoccurring pastel palette is apparent in the shabby chic style that is currently popular for interiors, particularly bedrooms and kitchens and is most notable for its use when repainting old wooden units, which are often then purposefully distressed to hold on to the age that gave them their original character. One of the easiest ways to bring the latest trends indoors is through soft furnishings and reupholstering old seating is a fantastic way to hold on to beautifully crafted antique pieces, whilst maintaining your individual style. Online tutorials are widely available and make it look much easier than the expensive professionals would otherwise have you believe and one of our favourite online designer boutiques, Perry Nelvill, are soon to be showcasing unique British designed woven interiors amongst their current selection of designer textiles. So there is no excuse to shy away from a little interior design DIY. In fact, I’ve recently ordered a restaurant booth-style corner seat dining set (not exactly vintage or antique, I must admit) that I will be upholstering myself and I most certainly cannot wait to get another project lined up to bring style to my home.

Perry Nevill

By Louise Hayward

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