Fashion and music, fashion and film; their worlds often collide, but it is rare that a book can have such an impact on the world of fashion. Surely it’s no coincidence that since the phenomenon of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, black leather has been a permanent fixture in the fashion world? Has “mummy porn” made sexy, well…sexy again?

If you feel like vamping up your wardrobe, then luxury accessories label Corlette has more black leather than a Goth nightclub. Don’t be put off by the teen angst connotations; think less Emo and more old school glamour with an edgy twist. Created by Fiorina Benveniste-Schuler in Autumn Winter 2010, the brand’s unusual name is taken from Fiorina Grandmother’s name, Colette, and combined with the word corset, the garment on which the collections focus.

As well as corsets the accessories label also features gloves, made of 100% handmade Italian leather and inspired by Fiorian’s Grandmother who was an avid wearer of both. Unique craftsmanship and detailing are key to capturing the elegance and style which Colette embodied. Describing herself as from “everywhere and nowhere”, as well as her Grandmother, Fiorina takes inspiration from her many travels and aims to combine different cultures with the class of old times in her designs.

The key to working these accessories into your wardrobe is to underplay the rest of your outfit. With corsets and gloves featuring studs, buckles, fringing and lacing keep the rest of your outfit understated to avoid looking like an extra from Moulin Rouge.

Whilst corsets and gloves might not be top of your shopping list in the summer months, stock up now because come autumn we predict this trend will go stellar and if summer is anything to go by we are going to need all the layers we can get this winter.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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