In the name of Valentines Day and love we asked several couples some questions and this is what they had to say…Our second couple of the week are Emma & Lei

Emma and Lei both are recently engaged and excited to get planning their big day…


 Emma’s Answers

 When do you think the hardest part of your relationship was?

 I have to say the first 6-8 months were the hardest and this was because of so many things that happened within that time. Lei and I were living together after 2 weeks of being in a relationship due to family issues, Lei unfortunately lost his job 5 months in to our relationship and then sadly I lost my nan not long after that. A lot of things were sent to try us but looking back it only made us stronger and who we are as a couple today.

 What about you could only he love? My stupid little moments.

 Who wears the trousers? I defiantly wear the trousers, we always debate over this but he knows the score.

 Describe yourself in three words? Loving, caring, trustworthy.

 First impression of him? I met Lei at a mutual friends 21st fancy dress party. I was instantly attracted to Lei, even though he was dressed as a geek, I thought he was funny and so different to any other man I had met which just made me like him even more.

 When is he most romantic? All the time; from sending me flowers or bringing me home a bag of all my favorite sweets because I’ve had a bad day. My favorite is when he leaves me little notes around the house.

 How was your first kiss? Our first kiss was at Lei’s house, I could tell he was so nervous so I knew I had to be the one to make the first move.

 Your proudest moment? My proudest moment would have to be the moment that Lei got down on one knee on a beach in Egypt and asked me to marry him, my cheeks were hurting from the constant smiling and the feeling I had that I had found someone who wants to spend the rest of their life with me as much as I want to spend mine with them was truly overwhelming.

 When do you look your best? I know he will say all the time but no girl feels absolutely beautiful first thing in the morning so for me it would be once I have done my hair and made myself look pretty.

 What is your biggest fear? Death or my food touching on a plate.

 What have you learnt from each other? It’s hard to say what we have learnt from each other because I feel there is so much so all I can say I feel I have become a better person since meeting Lei.

 What does the future look like? My future with Lei is something I cannot wait to experience, we are currently starting to plan our wedding which is the next big chapter in our lives and I can’t wait for that day. Lei and I are also very much looking forward to starting a family together one day, Lei is already an amazing father to his 5 year old son Mason and I know that he will be nothing less to our children.

 What would you like to say to him?

 Our lives together have only just begun and we have so much more to look forward to and there is no one on this earth that I would want to share it with. I love you.


 Lei’s Answers

 When do you think the hardest part of your relationship was? The first year

 Is there anything about her that only you could love? I love the silly comments she makes, the first time we met she asked if someone on TV spoke JAPAN!

 Who wears the trousers? I know my place

 Describe her in 3 words? Everything to me

 First impression of her? Very beautiful and funny and that I had no chance

 When are you most romantic? I would say I’m romantic a lot of the time but I was most romantic when I proposed in Egypt on the beach, I won’t go into detail as it was very private which is what she wanted

 How was your first kiss? I was very nervous so she had to make the first move

 When were you most proud of her? When her and my son bonded and we became a family

 When does she look her best? I think she always looks great even in the mornings

 Her biggest fear is? Food touching on her plate

 What have you learnt from each other?  That no matter what life throws at us we have come through it together

 What would you like to say to her?

 Within a short space of time you have become my best friend as well as my life partner. I was lost before we met and you have put me on the straight and narrow and made me realise what is important in life. I couldn’t live a day without you. I love you.

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