When I was at University, tying your hair in a top knot was a sign of either a late night out or it was a way of attempting to gage ones stress levels. The higher and messier the top-knot, the more stressed you were. In a student house of six girls, it was our way of calling for help, a cup of tea, or a comforting hug. Although I think this theory is still in play, the top-knot has become the hair style du jour. As with the rise of the ‘homeless’, shabby chic style, as sported best by the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen, the top-knot or messy bun is the get-up-and-go, trendy way to wear your luscious locks.

The style harks back to the late 80s and early 90s, when hair spray maximised heights and scrunchies were the most sought after hair accessory. With two quick twists, your hair could be pulled out of your face and wrapped around the crown of your head, providing volume and allowing the eccentric colours of your outfit shine in all their glory.Photo by Rex Features

If you’re a trend spotter or street style fan like all of us here at Semple, you would have seen that the top-knot has deserved it’s very own line of accessories. The fashion revival of this up-do has encouraged some of the best names in the business to launch their own interpretation of scrunchie and hair bands, with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Missoni delivering the best. With the trend catching on, some of the fashion industry’s best dressed have followed suit, reaching new heights with their top-knots. Rihanna, Jessica Hart and Lauren Conrad are a pick of the bun-ch, and even little Baby Harper was seen supporting this trend as she watched mother Victoria Beckham’s NYFW collection last year.

The top-knot has also deserved itself a place on the catwalks. Ashish Spring/Summer 13 collection was one of the first shows to see the top-knot and scrunchie strut down the white line. With mixed reactions, the style was named the “marmite” of AW12’s hairstyles by the The Telegraph. If that is so, then we’d like two slices with a cup of tea please!

vladPhoto by Vladamir Potop

By Marni Banks

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