Being a male myself, I am going to give my insight into what every man needs in their wardrobes and give you a male perspective on what a fashion conscious male might want.

Apparently, all men want one thing; however, I am going to defend my gender and say what they need; Great staple garments within their wardrobe. Gone are the days of slacks and an ill-fitting shirt; it isn’t ‘embarrassing’ anymore in society for a man to look after themselves and worry about their appearance, quite the opposite in fact. Gay men have been doing it for decades, but straight, more cosmopolitan males are leading the way for less adventurous men. This is my list that I think every man NEEDS in their wardrobe, and could give women ideas for birthdays, or even just random gifts.

A coat is what everyone is going to see on face value, and will give a first impression. A good quality, wool blend pea coat is something every man should have, because of its classic, masculine cut and shape. If this is going to be a staple piece, quality is key, so when going for designer pieces, get them in the sale if you can.

coatsImages courtesy of Mr Porter 

A Satchel is a timeless piece that will compliment any wardrobe. Men can now carry a bag without heads turning in the street. You can buy them brand new off the high street, or for those who are a little thriftier, go and look through vintage shops and flea markets. This classic piece is structured and carries a masculine energy about it; gone are the knobbly knee days where you would pack it up with books for school.


Image Courtesy of The Cambridge Satchel Company

A great watch is essential to achieve this dapper, masculine-fashionable look. I’m not talking Cartier or Rolex, because we don’t all have a disposable income to afford such brands. Designers like Michael Kors, Rado and even Armani have stepped up to the plate and brought not only good quality but great looking watches. A timepiece is something that I can see dying out if people continue to keep their phones permanently in front of their faces (sorry if you’re reading this on your phone!).watch

Image courtesy of The Watch Hut

For meals, a night out or a special occasion, a tailored jacket would be suitable. Tailored jackets are everywhere now; on the high street as well as high end because there is a demand for them. I would, however steer away from the high street, because they supply for demand, and create these jackets in the thousands. A classic tweed jacket brings more depth and texture to an outfit, without pushing someone out of their comfort zone, which you can now purchase at Marks & Spencer. You can however, take the plunge and go for something more daring; a statement colour perhaps or maybe even double breasted?


Image courtesy of Mr Porter

A smart pair of shoes is paramount in anyone’s wardrobe. The holy trinity of men’s smart shoes consist of Loafers, Brogues and Slip-Ons. Remember that you can always tell a lot about someone with their choice in shoes, so choose wisely. Again, always go for a good quality leather shoe; leather sole if it’s a slip-on or loafer and sometimes rubber if it’s a brogue. If you decide on the leather soled shoes, always go to a cobbler and get them resold so the original sole isn’t damaged, and so you can walk in slippery situations!


Image courtesy of Mr Porter

And finally, to complete my check list is that time old classic, the waist belt. I always find that a reversible belt is the way to go; it gives you two looks for the price of one, and doesn’t give away the fact that you’re wearing the same belt, day in, day out. It will provide you with more diversity and choice. Spending a little extra money on a great quality leather will prolong its life within your wardrobe.belts

Images courtesy of Hermes and Oliver Sweeney

By Joe wells

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