For most women, their morning rituals consist of a thorough, well practised make-up routine. We know what suits us, what works well with our skin and what endures the day no matter what the weather. A natural complexion created by our trusted foundation, teamed with a kiss of colour from our favourite lip stick and numerous slicks of a loyal, volumising mascara for the day, and for the evening…well the same just more of it perhaps with the odd chance of branching out to a different tone eye shadow. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, then you are one of the many people who prove new research which shows that the average woman in the UK keeps the same make-up look for just over 12 years.

The study conducted by My Voucher Codes revealed that the average woman will only make changes to her signature look every 12 years. Interviewing over 1000 women, they found that on top of this, 19% said they wouldn’t be able to leave the house without it, a sentiment I am very familiar with.

The research also found that when a woman has found a make-up brand, tone and colour she likes, that product will feature in her cosmetics bag for 3.8 years, with the only reason to replace it with a new product being because “the favourite has been discontinued”. Us women are definitely creatures of habit and when it comes to our looks, we will never take risks.

colors-291851_640Here are team MSL’s favourite make-up products that we will be unfaithful to.


For me it has to be Chanel’s classic red lipstick – striking and timeless it’s my go-to for some instant glamour. I also swear by SEPHORA’s matifying compact powder to set my foundation and keep shin at bay.


As a gift, I received a beautiful black shiny Chanel mascara 3 years ago and haven’t found an alternative quite like it since, in fact, I still always keep it in the box it comes in. I can always count on it to make my lashes look thick and long.


Clinique eyes shadows have and always will be essentials in my make-up bag. The soft brush and natural tones are so kind to my skin and can work for both day time and glamorous evening looks. I always wear the same natural colour, but just apply more of it for the evening.


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser: I first wore this product when I was a bridesmaid for my cousin. Both my sister and I loved how smoothly the liquid blended into the skin and instead of leaving orange streaky marks like most other tinted moisturisers on the market, it left the skin with a rosy, natural glow. We have been using it ever since and it has now become a family must have with our mummy, cousins, aunts and siblings using it.

By Marni Banks

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