In these cash strapped times, it’s a great feeling when you find a bargain. And isn’t it even better when someone else does all the hardwork for you? Tara Nash-King is the girl everyone would love to have as their best friend. As the founder of Chic&Seek, a unique shopping service that recycles designer pieces, she’s got access to all the best high end bargains.

“It took a few years of knowing I wanted to start my own business to then deciding on Chic&Seek. I liked the idea of buying second hand, but at the time there were few alternatives to eBay” says Tara. Her experience in the fashion industry, having previously worked for Anya Hindmarch, gave her the knowledge and confidence to launch the luxury boutique.

Chic&Seek is like a high-end, luxury version of eBay, but Tara works with Chic Sellers to select only quality pieces that she knows her Chic Seekers will love. “In my opinion self-upload images de-value the brands and sometimes you have to look through a lot of things to find something decent.” says Tara, “So I decided to be selective about the pieces sold on Chic&Seek and photograph them professionally to give them the best chance of finding new homes.”

If online shopping isn’t your thing then you can always make an appointment to visit Tara at the Mews House, near Portobello road. Here you’ll be treated to a relaxed shopping experience and a wall of shoes (see what we mean about best friend material?). Popular items at the moment are Chanel 2.55 bags, Hermes Birkins and Isabel Marant trainers. So how do the women who use Chic&Seek cut the mustard? “Both Chic Seekers and Chic Sellers are savvy women! They love fashion and beautifully cut clothing. Chic Seekers want quality and style at affordable prices. Chic Sellers are always staying one step ahead, many work in fashion or high profile positions.”

As if running her own business wasn’t enough, Tara is the driving force behind Redistributing Fashion, a luxury pop-up boutique that is opening in the run up to Christmas. “I decided to call the boutique Redistributing Fashion as the shop consists of several brands, not only Chic&Seek.” Tara explains, “The shop consists of upcoming luxury labels; Paper London, Hayley Menzies, Tina Sparkle, Olga Olsson, Kat Maconie and Fabel Jewellery. The girls behind these businesses are my contemporaries and friends.  I think the mix is very strong, the price points are affordable and it’s right on Portobello Road which makes it a great destination.” And the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to an early Christmas present.


Walls of shoes, handling gorgeous high-end labels on a daily basis, it sounds like the best job in the world. “For me, being the master of my own destiny is very important.” says Tara, “It is amazing to be working with some of the most beautiful clothes money can buy. I also meet new and interesting people all the time. Running a business is fast paced, life consuming and exciting! I love the creativity and accept that, for now, work dominates my world.” Oh what a chic world to be dominated by.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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