One of the major trends for Spring/Summer 2013 is a return to the 1960s and the iconic style of such stars as Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy. The decade often makes a welcome return to the catwalks and High Street stores and it is not hard to work out why. With its clean lines and simple shapes, it is an easy trend to pay homage to, but it can also be a bold statement, with its bright, geometric and mod prints and colours. It can be fun and quirky at the same time as being chic and classic.

Both of Marc Jacobs’ Fashion Week shows, his own in New York and as creative director of Louis Vuitton in Paris, appeared to show a heavy 1960s influence, although he denied this, claiming that Edie Sedgwick had only inspired the makeup looks for the shows. However, whether it was his intention or not, these shows have firmly planted the 1960s amongst Spring/Summer’s hottest trends.

This green and white square patterned dress, showcased by Louis Vuitton at the now infamous subway escalator show in Paris, captures the essence of 60s fashion perfectly. The green colour is bright and screams out for the warm weather of the Spring/Summer season, the square print is both mod and geometric and the shape is simple and easy to wear. The pleated skirt has a flirty balancing effect against the conservative neckline and long sleeves.

You needn’t be afraid of channeling the 60s vibe if you’re not big on bright colours though, we also saw a lot of retro monochrome in the Spring/Summer collections, perhaps most notably from Jacobs’ own show at New York Fashion Week. In particular, there were wide black and white stripes and the classic houndstooth pattern which can also be found amongst many of the High Street collections.

This trend isn’t exactly the most risqué in terms of showing lots of skin, with fairly conservative necklines and long sleeves, but some of the hem lines can be unbelievably short! You will however notice that, amongst the tiny pelmet skirts and short shift dresses, there were knee-length and midi pencil skirts. For those who aren’t comfortable flashing so much leg, these more modest hemlines make the trend accessible for anyone.

Even for those who still feel that they can’t pull off the overall look, there were 60s style kitten heels and headbands that could accessorise many looks. Or you could pay homage with a 60s beehive hairstyle, like those that completed the looks at Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, as well as at Moschino. You could even go for a Twiggy-esque makeup look with a bold eyeliner wing and lashings of mascara.By Louise Hayward

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