There is no one I envy more than those who have mastered the art of surfing and look of the laid back surfer chick is one I always strive for on holiday. For some, timing the waves comes naturally and whats more, they manage to make a thick, restricting and unflattering one-piece wetsuit look cool. I don’t think I have ever managed this, nor felt comfortable in one. The thought of stepping into a damp wetsuit now makes my skin crawl. But the benefits of these carefully designed one-pieces cannot be denied and if they keep you warm at sea then who can complain?

This summer, style icon and ex Hills star Olivia Palermo shared her holiday diary with Vogue online. Snapping pictures of her looking effortlessly beautiful on sandy shores and expensive boats, Olivia’s holiday wardrobe was one that turned me green with envy. The reality star turned fashion goddess also showed her adventurous side, sharing photos of her in snorkelling gear ready to dive into the depths of the sea. Although Olivia doesn’t scream out surfer gal, she introduced a new type of wetsuits for the more fashion conscious.

Lisa Marie Fernandez is a name you can begin to associate with the sea. Her debut swimwear collection is inspired by the sleek athleticism of scuba gear and Lisa’s aim is to give a new direction for swim. Here at MSL, we totally believe she has done just that, creating swimwear that is advanced in terms of fabric technology, is figure flattering and preaches sports luxe. And what’s more, Lisa encourages you to buy an item per holiday so you can ultimately mix and match, which is perfect for the more care-free dresser.

Olivia sported two one-piece wetsuits during her holiday to Greece. A bond girl-esque black suit with a body line zip and a colour-blocked suit that is reminiscent of the 80s. Now these are the kind of wetsuits I would consider wearing.

The Farrah rubber neoprene swimsuit 


So next time you hit the Campervan for a trip down to Devon, or if like Olivia, you’re lucky enough to swim the shores of Greece, don’t wince at the idea of a wetsuit. Grab that board and ride the waves in style.

By Marni Banks

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