I can imagine that we at Maggie Semple Ltd are not the only ones wondering what on Earth is happening to our spring/summer season. With the distinct lack of warmth and sun, we are left craving holidays and filling our wardrobes full of shorts, skirts and flip flops waiting to be worn at the first hint of sunshine.

A couple of years ago, I would have been inclined to poke fun at the people at the first glimpse of sun immediately run to the supermarket, practically half dressed, frantically asking where to find the charcoal and burgers for the barbecue. However, this year I find myself slowly turning into one of these people; seeing a sunny forecast and fully embracing the opportunity to wear my newly purchased short dungarees and beaded jelly flip flops, without having to layer up to step out of the front door! It is this unpredictability in the British spring/summer season that can make it somewhat difficult to incorporate the latest trends and, in my personal experience, difficult to convince oneself to actually part with money for new pieces when it is impossible to know how much wear you might get out of them, if any at all.

The answer, I feel, is to accessorise. If the weather is a bit rubbish, there’s no reason why your failsafe jeans, tee and blazer combo can’t be brought bang up-to-date with some new trend accessories or shoes to make you feel a bit sunnier even when the weather doesn’t. Simply bring summer to your wardrobe instead. So here are some of the top trends and some accessory ideas to help brighten up the potentially gloomy outlook.


Pastal accessories

Pastels are always a hit for spring/summer, synonymous with hazy sunshine and to incorporate this trend with accessories, think bags and shoes. Take a classic style in a pastel colour and you have an instant wardrobe update in gorgeous colours that will attempt to make you forget that the sun isn’t out – I include wellies as we all know it’s inevitable…


Floral accessories

Floral is another cyclic spring/summer trend and a great way to incorporate them into your staple wardrobe is with statement jewellery and hair accessories or a light spring scarf.


Neon accessories

The other end of the scale to pastels, but still remind us of sun, particularly taking me back to Ibiza parties on the beach! You can be subtle or bold with your neon brights; from a flash of neon piping or bold colour blocking to an all over neon bright bag.

I’m not being a complete pessimist with this post, in fact, as I am writing this last bit, the hazy sun is starting to filter through the trees and through my window and giving me great hope but, let’s face it, this is Britain. Now, when is my next holiday?

By Louise Hayward

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