Ever the avid instagrammer I’m always on the look out for beautiful one off pieces to add to my wardrobe and when I stumbled across SUMIKA COLLECTIONS it was love at first sight. SUMIKA’s boho crochet beachwear will have you dreaming of far flung shores and warm summer nights, and as much as I would really love to just keep SUMIKA to myself, I feel it only fair to share some of the love – it is just too gorgeous not to. So Semple readers, meet Angela, the beautiful creative mind behind our must have boho brand of the moment…

10276021_622032371213790_7997008069393799052_nSUMIKA Collections

What is SUMIKA? 

SUMIKA COLLECTIONS is a clothing range inspired by the words “Boho Girl Meets Beach Babe.”

When did you set up your business? 

I had completed the design for my first pair of shorts by end of 2010. Markets followed early 2011 with my first pair of shorts in lots of colours and other stock that suited my style.

Why is handmade so important to you?  

I find that with all my crochet designs being handmade by beautiful friends in a village that I get the right fit and shape.  Also I am able to make corrections to make it suitable for swimming and other outdoor activities.

Do you think that slow fashion and supporting your local businesses is still a concept that is yet to take a firm hold with people? 

The media and fashion bloggers have made us so much more aware of little labels, markets, designers and creators and the importance of supporting your locals and not buying so much mass produced items, that this awareness is building every day! There is so much unrecognised talent around that are finally gaining their name and place, and it is so well deserved!

sumikaaBlogger Gypsylovinlight wearing SUMIKA

Do you have a fashion background? 

I have lived, loved and learnt through fashion…I have done modelling and many a time have tweaked a piece of clothing to make it that little more unique. And on special occasions have sketched up and had made by a talented dress maker a one off piece for that day or night…(yes sometimes they are better on paper, as they don’t always turn out how I planned, but I have still worn them with confidence and loved that it’s a one off style.

What is SUMIKA’s motto? 

My personal motto is, Happiness. Live your dreams and enjoy your journey.

Where did the name SUMIKA come from? 

My daughters are my world so I have shortened and combined their names to become SUMIKA.

Why is SUMIKA different from other brands out there pushing the bohemian lifestyle? 

I just do what I love and keep true to my family and I. I don’t judge or compare, I’m just be happy with what I do. I love that my passion, my label, designs  and  brand is getting bigger every day.

How do you want to make SUMIKA customers feel? 

Happy and confident – I am so blessed with all the amazing support from my customers; the thank you notes, gifts, photos for the fan album and positive feedback. It makes the hours and hard times so rewarding and in return builds my confidence in SUMIKA and myself even more.

shortssBlogger Gypsylovinlight wearing SUMIKA

What is the dream for SUMIKA? 

I have hit the international market with both personal customers and wholesale…WAHOO! I would love Sumika to continue to grow bigger and better with branding and amazingness, and to one day have a sister label branch out from SUMIKA Collections. So many ideas…

Do you find that social media has played a big part in your success? 

Social media is awesome. I have met so many talented beautiful people from Instagram and Facebook, and I am so blessed to work with some. It is rewarding to watch your label grow bigger overnight from just one post on Instagram or just a picture share on Facebook. It is so easy and sometimes addictive, so yes social media has helped make a lot of difference to SUMIKA!

sopSemple’s Editor Sophie’s SUMIKA top 🙂

Will we see a SUMIKA website in the near future? 

I will definitely have an online store this year, I am taking the time to choose the right direction, designs and style.

Where do you draw inspiration from and who inspires you?

I have always loved and been fascinated by ‘The Flower Power’ era. I love the beach and have been fortunate to have grow up beside the sea and now I am bringing my family up by the beach.  So sun, sand, the ocean and dreams, mixed with a little bit 60’s early 70’s inspire me.

What would be your advice for women hoping to start their own fashion business? 

Enjoy your journey, it can be challenging, exhausting and a lot of hard work but so rewarding! Just love what you do and build your dreams. It will happen, your branding and style will fall into place. Just believe.

And finally who would you like to thank? 

Sounding like a movie star with this question….ha ha ha….I thank my gorgeous husband and beautiful girls for their support and belief in me by getting up early on winter mornings spending long days at festivals and markets, many a run to the post office for a Sumika customer so they have their top or shorts on time. They have sat through meetings for my designs and they are always there with big open arms when I am feeling low and when I am feeling high! They complete me. I thank all the beautiful girls rocking my SUMIKA designs – without their love and support I would not have grown to be where I am today. Big thanks and hugs to all!

Interviewed By Sophie Maguire, Editor

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