Styling Christmas the Estilo V way

Is your wardrobe ready for Christmas? Choosing the right outfit for each occasion may be tricky, that is why we have talked to Jessica, from the style consultancy ‘Estilo V’, for some advice that will ensure you can enjoy the party season while looking absolutely fabulous…

Every woman has a different shape, but could you give us some tips to find the perfect fir for this Christmas?

The most important thing is to be conscious of your own figure. If you know your body, you will be able to stress the most beautiful parts while hiding the others. For example, marking your waist smaller always helps to define your figure; your body looks more sinuous and proportioned. The key to mastering your own style is to forget about trends and always look for something that really suits you.

What about colour? Are there any general rules that we should follow?

Absolutely. First of all, colour is personal and non-transferrable. The secret is choosing your most suitable shades from a scale between cold and warm tones. For example, a brunet women with green eyes and an olive oil skin tone, will look much better in a cold red, which has a bit of blue in its composition, rather than a warm red, which contains yellow pigments.

If you use black, you will always be right but this is not a brave election. For Christmas, I would advise to use a bit of colour. For example, deep red shades tend to suit almost everyone, as well as emerald green. However, for those resistant to use of colour, I would advise to start with little doses, for example, with the accessories.

What would be the perfect outfit for a grown up party girl?

For a girl’s night out, I would propose a look with leather pieces, such as trousers or a peplum leather top, adding earrings and a XXL necklace.  For a family dinner, I would wear a confortable knitwear dress so we can enjoy the copious meal.

What about the annual dinner with work friends? Should we go safe or present ourselves in a stunning look?

For this kind of event I say less is more and elegance is key. Before choosing your outfit, you have to look for clues such as the kind of company that you are working for; do they have a dress code? The location will also determinate the level of formality. However, as a general advice, you should avoid provocative necklines and short skirts, as well as exaggerated transparencies.

What is the difference between playing a safe card and wearing a boring outfit?

Sometimes people confound elegance with a boring look. The classics, like the little black dress, always work but we have to add a personal touch, perhaps playing around with some accessories. This season the XXL necklaces are on trend, take advantage of it and mix it up with a LBD or a silk blouse to complete your own Baroque look.

Are there any forbidden items for a meal with your in-laws?

Lots! Wearing a thick make up look or an outfit that you would wear for a girl’s night out are common mistakes. You have to avoid extreme necklines, short dresses and skirts. Wearing a natural look will definitely help you to look like the perfect daughter in law. A great look would be a Klein blue baby doll dress with a little knitwear jacket and tall boots in camel.

What are your fashion tips to welcome 2013 on New Year’s Eve?

Well, this is an appropriate night to take a risk and wear a more sophisticated look. I would choose an item that stands out from the rest and then build up the look from that piece. For example, a great outfit would be a feathers skirt with a silk shirt, but a dress with shades of black or a brave dress in red would also be a perfect option for that night. Don’t forget about the accessories, any piece in gold will reinforce the look.

Tell us why every woman should have a stylist in her life?

There is this moment in every women’s life when she settles into her own style, always wearing the same pieces and tones that she feels confortable with. Her wardrobe ends up being boring and monochromatic. A professional stylist helps to reinforce your daily style with items that really suit you, as well as finding the right fit for every occasion. Working on your personal style is as important as working on your own beauty, as both project an image of your own personality.

By Laura Roig Vericat


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