Have A Very Kooky Christmas

Zoeey Deschanel is currently becoming one of the worlds most admired and emulated actresses, but not in the typical manner.  Rather than leading a shocking rollercoaster celebrity lifestyle or selling her own brand with a sexy image, Zooey has taken on an all-together unusual path towards fame. It is her awkward yet loveable geek chic style and quirky comedy that makes ladies want to befriend her and men want to ask her out and then take her home to meet their mother.


The blue eyed actress has recently received a mass of media attention for her own type of sweetly dressed, kooky likeability since the start of hit new sitcom “New Girl”, which has been hailed as the closest alternative to the record breaking show “Friends” that television has ever seen. Playing Jessica Day, a schoolteacher with a tendency to “rock a lot of polka dots”, frequently wearing skater skirts and ballet pumps, thick plastic framed glasses sitting beneath her signature heavy fringe and long dark wavy hair, it is easy to see how parallels have been drawn between Deschanel’s on and off screen personas. Zooey’s characters repeatedly mirror her own offbeat sense of humour, butter-wouldn’t-melt dress sense, and tendency to break into song. In real life, she finds time for various side projects including being half of Indie band She & Him, as well as being a co-founder of entertainment website Hello Giggles – extra curricular activities that many of her best known characters would be more than likely to enjoy.

Zooey is best known for some of her film performances. Few could forget her role as Allion in “Yes Man”, riding about on her scooter, wearing a helmet sporting large googly eyes or taking instant photographs of life whilst jogging. Or equally her role as the the heart-breaking Summer Finn in “500 Days of Summer”, wearing tea dresses or high waisted trousers with ribbons in her hair whilst toying with love-struck Tom’s emotions. In the run up to Christmas, however, it will be her part in “Elf” which will be of most importance.

The modern Christmas classic, in which Buddy, a human raised by Santa’s elves and played by Will Ferrell, travels to New York in search of his real father. Along the way, he falls for Jovie, a reluctant department store worker, forced to dress up as one of Santa’s little helpers. Enter Zooey. Few could pull off bleached hair and a tight red and green fancy dress costumer, but as we see the character soften to Buddy’s infectious Christmas spirit, and learn to love the holidays again, is it impossible to resist absorbing some of the Christmas cheer.

Ideal for our current cold weather, Jovie wears cutesy chunky knit hats, haphazardly slung colourful scarves and cosy shearling lined coats as she takes Buddy to visit various Christmas trees within the city. It is not only the character, by the actress herself whom it is easy to picture enjoying this festive season, donning a classic Christmas knit novelty jumper and getting into the spirit of things. Why not follow suit and make the most of holidays? And yes, I really am suggesting that you should tolerate the dodgy paper hat from the cracker too, even if just at dinner!

Merry Christmas.

By Sophie Seymour.



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