Here at MSL we are always keeping ourselves updated with the latest fashion trends and styles. Summer is the season to party and with this comes the need for a new dress. This season there seems to be a style trending which is almost inescapable – the deep V, plunge neck dress. With the sun set, this popular style has dressed the glamorous and marked its presence.

The plunging neckline was first introduced in the 1850s when ball gowns were a staple item of a woman’s wardrobe and a necessity for all social events. However, the design found its outlet in the 1960s when skirts got shorter and womenswear became less conservative. Accentuating the female figure, they were the perfect necklines for decadent and eclectic accessories which allowed women to experiment and get creative with any outfit; the deep V introduced an abstract element to fashion.
Today, the deep V is now one of the favourite styles for that perfect summer event dress. Some of those to showcase this trend were Mia Wasikowska in a Roland Mouret gown and Natasha Poly in a Gucci wrap dress at the Cannes Film Festival. Keeping the neckline elegant, these two women demonstrated how class can definitely be seductive.

The Deep V was also a hit with many of the top names at the Bafta awards. Designers such as Pucci, Oscar de la Renta and Chanel dressed some of the beautiful women for this red carpet event. So if your looking for a dress to turn heads or even needing a lunch break distraction, be sure to browse through your favourite designer collections and indulge yourself in this gorgeous style.

By Marni Banks


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