Queen of jewellery – Elizabeth Taylor

Jewellery week would not be complete without a commemoration for the queen of jewellery. Known as one of the most beautiful women in the history of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor’s name shines as brightly as the jewellery she fashioned and loved. Elizabeth was a devoted mother, model and actress, but in her glamorous and busy lifestyle, she always had time to enjoy her passion for jewellery. Now, her beautifully designed collections are some of the worlds most precious and treasured jewellery pieces.


Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery is decadent and divine to say the least. Her collection showcases all sides of jewellery – from silvers and golds to pearls and gem stones. December 2011 saw the most highly-anticipated sale in auction history whereby Elizabeth’s jewellery sold for astonishing yet deserving prices. The auction was a sell out and was a true testament to Elizabeth’s keen eye for creating a personal collection of jewellery that has both quality, meaning and desirability.

I think for every woman, there is always that one item of jewellery which is of a particular significance. Whether that be for its sentimental value, or it’s beguiling appearance. At a young age, Elizabeth acquired a beautiful gold plate and stone brooch as a gift from her mother which has been said to have marked the beginning of Elizabeth’s love affair with jewellery. Her life was glamorous from the word go and she was a woman of true beauty who wore and understood jewellery so well. Before long, Elizabeth had amassed one of the world’s most prominent collections. She was a lover, devotee and carer to her jewellery collection and got most her joy from them – “You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they’re sure fun when the sun shines.”

Elizabeth showed a real understanding for jewellery in her book – My Love Affair with Jewellery. Elizabeth teaches us that the beauty found in jewellery is unique and independent. It cannot be summoned to something or someone. It stands alone without explanation and so for us, to own a piece of jewellery, whether that be a piece passed down from an heirloom or a favourite found in a vintage sale, is a pleasure, not a possession. As Elizabeth writes, “I’m fortunate to have some very important pieces of jewelry. I don’t believe I own any of the pieces. I believe that I am their custodian, here to enjoy them, to give them the best treatment in the world, to watch after their safety, and to love them.”

There is sadness in knowing Elizabeth’s presence can no longer mark the worlds of film and fashion. However, her beauty, glamour, passion and devotion to fashion will live forever in her timeless jewellery collections and will be to the awe of everyone for years to come.

By Marni Banks


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