It is a fact, acknowledged by the fashion world, that Cara Delevingne has been overshadowed in recent years by her older (supposedly) more glamorous sister, Poppy. Many have failed to realise the power this 5,8” 19year old can have over fashion and most importantly our style choices.

Born and raised into a tight knit, socially ambitious family, Cara plays the role of socialite well. Her style is more grungy than her other two sisters but this may be influenced by her super cool friendship circle which includes the likes of Coco Summer and Tara Ferry. Regardless of social circles, Cara is one girl who knows how to look fierce whether she is going to a launch party or a gallery opening. Now, with the success of her Burberry campaign, she is hotly tipped to be fashion’s leading lady and believe me, nothing will stand in her way.

Here is a list of what to love about Cara Delevingne’s enviable sense of style:

• She has fun with fashion and never takes herself too seriously
• Her penchant for mixing old with new shows intelligence behind her outfits
• She is not afraid of taking risks
• Despite leading a global lifestyle, her style is uniquely British

Grace Molan


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