Hello Steve Jobs

About once a month I stand on a conference platform and give a presentation on business to a usually receptive and engaging audience. And increasingly I find that people introduce me as someone who lives in the future. I take this as a huge compliment as I know that I have a preference to think forward rather than think in the past. To me, living in the future means that I am unafraid to ask the ‘what if …’ questions and in true futuristic mode I expect to find several solutions.

The business topics for my presentation come from my passion about fashion, women and their stories. There is something magical and profound when you link these three things together and draw out the relevance to a rapidly changing world.
What is intriguing is the juxtaposition of living in the future while being fascinated by stories in the past.

I like mapping statistics and will happily sit interpreting information to forecast trends. At MSL we are very exacting about our content, image and data and will undertake extensive research before committing resources to an idea.

At a recent MSL team meeting I heard that our newly launched website and blog received the majority of its hits from Mac users. While this fact is useful to know, it only has significance when compared to 8 months previously when our website was viewed predominantly by PC users.

I immediately thought about Steve Jobs and wondered whether he would be interested in this tiny but significant fact. Here is MSL, a niche business that monitors trends not only for itself but also it seems for a major global technology and lifestyle brand.

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