Fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger Anne-Marie arrived at our headquarters last week in a flurry of excitement, rainbow painted nails and (fabulous) nude wedge heels. Much has changed since we first met Really Ree at the launch of our publication: Women Fashion Stories. Ree began blogging just over a year ago after stumbling upon Twitter and the buzzing online fashion community. Instantly intrigued, blogging became her new hobby.

Ree not only manages a highly successful blog; she is also the voice behind Attempts at Stylish Life for Hello! Magazine and a mother of one. Somehow she also manages to fit in a couple of days work during the week. We are intrigued to know just how she does it. ‘I’m usually blogging right up until the point when I fall asleep’ she says.

Since the early days Ree has been a much appreciated supporter of Maggie Semple Limited. ‘Everybody’s so different and I loved the way it showed we all have something in common as women, having an item of clothing that’s so special to you. It’s not at all shallow, it’s actually something to be proud of. Ree’s most treasured item, to the envy of almost all classic fashion admirers, is a timeless black quilted Chanel handbag ‘stuffed with things that Chanel bags quite possibly usually don’t carry’. She can not help but exude  love and adoration as she tells the tale of how they were brought together and what a tale it was. After many years of hesitant swooning, Ree finally got her hands on her prized possession last Christmas, ‘the bag makes me feel like I mean business you know, it dresses me up and gives me confidence’.

It is clear that through sheer determination, inspirational figures and a bit of healthy curiosity it is possible to change your lifestyle and go after those goals you once thought would only ever be dreams. When we asked Ree if there was any advice she would give to her younger self, ‘buy the Chanel bag sooner’ was her instant reply.

Rachel Conan-Davies


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    I love this article and it is so fitting for me for me at the moment. I promised myself a nice bag in my 30th birthday year and as my 31st is now rapidly approaching I am still deliberating whether or not to buy the bag!?! I’m looking at a Miu Miu one (and have been saving for ages!) but Ree’s comments about wishing she brought the bag earlier is really resonating with me this morning and helping me to make my decision!!! Thanks for the advice! X x

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