Okay, so it might seem a little premature to start thinking about spring trends while there is snow falling outside. However, we all know, fashion moves a bit faster than the weather and those that fall behind, stay behind. Luckily the spring summer trends for this year are full of pieces that you can start working into your wardrobe now.

The New Nineties
Like it or not the nineties are back. The decade might seem like only yesterday but nineties fashion is now old enough to be nostalgic. Smiley faces, ear cuffs, plaid, even bleached denim is back and it’s all finding its way to a rave near you. The nineties look blends in perfectly with the grunge aesthetic that has been lingering around for a few seasons. Start by introducing plaid back into your look under your trusty leather and by the time spring kicks in you’ll be ready for your bleached denim cut offs.

Attention Ladies!
For ladies who like a bit of girlie glamour there is plenty of options for you this Spring Summer. Gossip Girl might have aired its final season but we are not quite ready to let go yet as debutante style inspires catwalks and high street alike. If this matchy, opulent style is a bit too proper for you, then 70’s inspired lace and florals may be the way to go. Vintage look lace can be worn now with tan boots and heavy knits and the flirty florals can be toughened up for the cold weather with heavy boots and a cosy parka.

Boy meets Girl
If you prefer to leave the nineties in the past and can’t stand to look too girlie then the clean cut, sharp silhouettes of this ladylike yet androgynous look is perfect for you. Sharp tailoring is the key, made feminine with sheer fabrics and pretty embellishments. A monochrome palette and boxy, boyfriend cut jackets and coats are the perfect way to start working this look now.

Whichever look you go for, here are some final words of advice for those of you too young to remember the nineties properly; download and watch Human Traffic and Empire Records as a reference point and secondly don’t make those of us who do remember feel too bad.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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