From inanimate objects to Karl Lagerfeld’s cat or even political movements, any number of things can get a designer’s creative juices flowing, but throughout fashion history it is often an individual that defines the look of the time and becomes a muse for fashion world. Fashion has seen many icons rise and fall but few have stood the test of time to have their style re-imagined and interpreted to remain relevant to the world of style. Here at MSL we feel that these women’s styles are still as covetable and inspirational now as they ever were.

The legacy of Katharine Hepburn’s strong, independent style is reflected in the way women dress even today. Her refusal to conform to the Hollywood expectations of glamour shaped her casual, understated style. She made trousers a must have item for women’s wardrobes, an achievement she shares with Coco Chanel, who she played in a musical based on the designer’s life.


Like it or not, women in politics are often judged by their wardrobe and few women have ever got it quite as right as Jackie O. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, First Lady to President J.F. Kennedy, was the epitome of political chic. Her colour blocking and neat silhouette was inspiration to women all over the western world. Even today a fashion icon list without her name is considered a travesty. Few women in the political world have come close to stealing her crown, although Michelle Obama is certainly giving her a run for her money.


Another Hepburn, another fashion world muse. Audrey Hepburn’s gamine, feminine style has a timeless quality that makes her look as inspirational now as it was at the peak of her film career. From her Breakfast at Tiffany’s glamorous wardrobe, to her off duty capri trousers and flat pumps, Audrey’s style remains a constant in the fashion world. Her accessible style can make everyone feel that they too could achieve her easy glamour.


The final fashion world muse needs only a one word introduction. Twiggy. In a world of Amazonian supermodels, Lesley Hornby stood out. Short for a model at 5’6”, wide eyed and with a boyish figure, Twiggy became the face of the swinging sixties. Her unique look has seen countless copycats over the years but none have ever quite lived up to the phenomenon that was Twiggy.


The style and presence of these unique ladies has meant that their looks have stood the test of time to remain an inspiration to designers today. Digital technology has allowed us to elevate celebrities to icon status much quicker than in previous decades but does that mean that their star will burn out that much sooner? Will the muses of today live up to the legacy of the Hepburns, Twiggy and Jackie O? Will Kate Moss’s bohemian, hedonistic, party girl look still be relevant in fifty years? Our other favourite Kate, Kate Middleton’s prim and proper look may sell out items in a matter of seconds but will we still be coveting her look in the years to come? Only time will tell but with over 24,600 followers on Twitter perhaps Karl Lagerfeld’s cat is the one we should be watching.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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