It is not a secret that fashion trends always come back, year after year we think we have discovered something new but the inner truth is that there are always elements from the past that already marked a style in time. This Christmas, looking back through my mum’s wardrobe, I found many dresses from the seventies that I would happily wear today: a short red dress with a sailor collar and stitching in white, a baby doll dress with little squares in pink and white and the star of them all, a green apple short dress with a pleated skirt.

I decided to try them all when I realised that forty years ago my mum was incredible thin…I couldn´t fit in to them! However, after a few tweaks I found myself wearing the apple dress to walk near the seaside on a rare sunny day. The dress is conserved like new and not even my friends realised that it is a vintage treasure I found at my grandmother’s house. They just loved it.

What intrigues me the most is what the dress saw forty years ago when my mum wore it for the first time. She was fifteen, in love and it was a sunny afternoon in May 1974. Back then, my grandparents were really strict and she could only go out with friends for special celebrations. I couldn’t stop laughing when she told me she wore it to go to church…she was the most fashionable one and the shortest too. Obviously the church wasn’t the main thing, it was just a excuse to meet her friends afterwards, as well as my dad, who was waiting outside the building to see my mum with her stunning lovely dress.

My grandmother, who kept the dress until I found it, did not know the story behind the seams and while I was laughing listening to my mum, she looked at us both with a funny look, I absolutely loved the scene. The dress was bought in a fashion house that is still open today. On the label I can read “Saturn, haute couture” but I cannot find any other information about the brand nor the designer. Perhaps this is a good job for the MSL team.

I will keep the dress in my wardrobe until next summer, when I hope to find a day to wear it that turns out to be as perfect as my mum’s day.

By Laura Roig Vericat

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