Clothes shopping for many of us has become a tedious task. Step into more than one high street store and you’ll most likely find that you’re a different size in each of them. Frustrating isn’t it?

But why do we continue to squeeze ourselves into those illusive smaller sizes and fight to fit into something that clearly wasn’t made for us, when sometimes we’re simply not built that way?

Besides, what do the sizes mean anyway? Created in the 1800’s to enable the mass production of clothes, size guides are as outdated as the stigma behind them.

Women would never have had such clothing stresses as we put up with now. Tailored or handmade by a family member, there was no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ policy.

But as much as we would all love to have our clothes tailored to our specifications, unfortunately in a modern world the cost of such a service is now a luxury. Instead we have to brave the numbering system that battles us against our self esteem. We’re never happy with what we are and continually compare ourselves to others of a smaller size.

Don’t be alarmed to know that many high street brands simply adapt the british size guide to meet their target market. It’s simply how the system works. And whilst you may be jumping up and down in the fitting room, breaking out a sweat and telling yourself off for that chocolate fix, in the room next to you there’ll be some young thing slipping the same size on like it’s a second skin.

Well let’s stop doing ourselves the injustice of accepting a number as the definition of who we are. Born with childbearing hips or legs eleven, we’re not all the same. So whether you fit in one number or two, we should choose a size that fits, rather than one that’s socially acceptable. As long as it looks good, what does the number matter?




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Lizzie is a UK Fashion and Lifestyle blogger based in Peterborough. After spending 5 years in the beauty and fashion industry, Lizzie now enjoys sharing her thoughts and experiences on all things, from fashion to fitness. With a life goal of owning a shoe closet that will rival icon Carrie Bradshaw, Lizzie believes that shoes can help women have the confidence to conquer the world!

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