Semple gets Creative: Covent Garden Street Style

Looking for inspiration can often mean looking above and beyond, but sometimes the best ideas can be found in the banal routines of everyday life. Anything from old nostalgic photographs, to new and innovative ideas can inspire someone’s creativity. Fashion designer and shoe extraordinaire, Manolo Blahnik found his muse in the passings of his daily routine, the people of London. “Nowhere in the world will you find people dressed as interestingly as in London, they wear what they want and never care what others will say. I love the quirkiness and the eccentricity. I love to observe people on the street, they often inspire me”.

Speaking many truths in his words, Manolo got us thinking and so, to kick start our new venture, Semple gets Creative, on the blog we went in search for some of the fashions trending in Covent Garden and worn by none other, than you, the beautiful women of London.

Here are some of the styles which you wore, and we loved.

Marni Banks

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