With a name like Rebel, it’s hard to imagine that person to be anything other than a funny, outlandish woman in the entertainment industry with a unique sense of style and Aussie actress Rebel Wilson, certainly proves this to be correct. Rebel is not a stage name either, it is the actress, writer and stand-up comedienne’s real given name. Throughout school, Rebel’s career plan had been based on mathematics, a subject that she had excelled in, and it wasn’t until a hallucination of hers, caused by malaria contracted during her time as a Youth Ambassador in South Africa, that convinced her to pursue a career in entertainment having imagined herself as an Oscar award winning actress.

Rebel first appeared in Australian TV shows Pizza and The Wedge, and went on to write and star in musical comedy series Bogan Pride. After a successful career in television and stand-up comedy, Rebel moved to the US where she was given her big break, playing the role of Brynn in the hugely successful comedy film Bridesmaids. She went on to appear in sitcoms Rules of Engagement and Workaholics before joining the ensemble cast of What To Expect When You’re Expecting and later took a starring role in romantic comedy Pitch Perfect. Having demonstrated her talents and humour to the rest of world, it came as no surprise to us when Rebel’s success was commended at the Glamour Women of The Year Awards where she took home the prize for Best Film Actress.

At the awards, Rebel showcased a new, glamorous style, which of course, we loved. She wore a black and gold knee length dress with bow detailed kitten heels and her blonde hair in a gorgeous up-do; a much more demure look than her usual experimental and somewhat wacky style. Rebel is usually seen in brighter colours, leather jackets and Adidas sportswear and seems to have no fashion fear after turning up to the MTV Movie Awards in a tracksuit and going on during her role as Mistress of Ceremonies to appear on stage in a leather catsuit.

Many people cite her as an inspirational woman in the entertainment industry, with almost no mention of the fact that she is not another stick thin model. Rather, she is adored for her Devil-may-care attitude. In fact, Miranda Hart referenced Rebel in her acceptance speech at the Glamour Awards and Rebel admitted during an interview afterwards that she actually found Miranda to be a comic inspiration and that she hoped they could become friends – here’s hoping that they do some work together, imagine how brilliantly funny it would be!

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