Raf Simons – The New Creative director of Dior

Newly appointed Raf Simons is now the artistic director for Dior. Known originally as a minimalistic furniture designer, Simons has taken advantageous turns in his career, having left this industry to become a menswear designer, and now the creative head of Dior. Together with his inspiring determination and drive, Simons is certainly a man of creativity. With a history of visioning and designing products full of aesthetic appeal and pleasure, here at MSL we can’t wait to see what he brings to Dior.

Christian Dior is one of the three famous Parisian houses for fashion and has reigned as one of the most influential fashion designers since it was first established. The classic yet voluptuous designs have accentuated the feminine hour glass frame since WW2 and signify part of the post-war revival. Notoriously known as a classic and elegant designer, it is an intriguing yet exiting prospect to think what modernist Raf Simons will bring to Dior.

Simons work is often referred to as architectural, minimal and modern. His time spent in Belgium as an industrial designer definitely shows through as a strong influence to his designs – his previous designs at Jil Sander were coined as ‘purism’ as structure and nude tones were at the forefront of his visions.

Here at MSL we are wondering if Simons will combine his knowledge and creative flare for structural designs with Dior’s history of classic, high-fashion apparels. Will Parisian couture of the post-war era be appropriated for the 21st century? We can only sit tight and wait patiently to find out when his debut collection is revealed at the Paris Fashion Week in July.

Marni Banks


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