“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel. For me, this line sums up exactly what the new H&M conscious collection is about. Going beyond existing standards to create something so desirable without any means of compromise. Fashion is most successful when no element of beauty is left behind and with H&M’s new sustainably sourced, organic collection, that is definitely achieved.

Every time I walk down the high street by MSL’s office, I cannot help but pop in and browse (which admittedly always leads to spending) in the H&M store. Rapidly growing from a Swedish retail-clothing company to its current status as a favoured Global fashion label, something tells me you do the same? H&M have recognised their success and to pursue their growth, they want to make “more sustainable fashion accessible and affordable to more people around the world” (Karl-Johan Persson, CEO for H&M) and thus have introduced their new Conscious Collection.

The collection is made from environmentally friendly products such as organic hemp which debuted in H&Ms AW11 Conscious Collection. Amongst many other eco-friendly materials, organic hemp is set to dress the women, men and children of today to ensure style is truly deserving. The concept, together with the company’s passion to achieve a sustainable fashion future, has made H&M the biggest user of organic cotton. Not that we needed another excuse, but there is a definite reason to take a visit to your nearest store!

The collection is an array of floor length gowns, pleated mini dresses and petite blouses (to name a few) together with bright, seasonal colours and floral prints. The luscious green backdrop in the advertising campaign beautifully showcases the collection and gives it the natural touch. Be sure to check out the collection guilt-free and help to make fashion, irreplaceable.

Marni Banks


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