The majority of people look up to the marvellous brows of Cara Delavigne and it’s easy to see why. However do we all have the confidence to bold up our brows and is bigger really better?

Drawing on the perfect brow is something that takes practice and of course you need a good starting point to work from. Ever plucked too far and almost ended up in tears because your face is now so dramatically un-even, that the only way to fix it is to make the other one just as horrendous? Yes girls, we’ve all been there. But that’s the beauty of makeup – it can always be fixed.

So how do we get these so called perfect brows? Firstly it is important to find the product that you are most comfortable with using by distinguishing whether you prefer a pencil or using a brush and powder. Personally I am most comfortable with a brush and powder as I find that you can get a much more defined finish with the brows. Next you need to decide whether you want natural looking brows or statement brows as this could also determine the product you use. My absolute desert island product is the Benefit brow zings which comes in light medium and dark – I use dark as I prefer daring brows on myself. This is my favourite product because it has both a powder for the depth and a paste for the definition. It does come with small brushes which are great for when you are out and about.


When deciding what you want your brows to look like always look at your eye shape, face shape and skin tone. Even if you want your brows to be Cara style you need to make sure it’s a look which compliments your features. But ladies, that doesn’t mean to say if you have blonde hair you can’t darken up those brows! If they’re drawn right you’ll rock the look!

When drawing your eyebrows you need to look at the three main points of the brow; the beginning of the brow, the arch and the tip. Generally the rule is to not pluck above the brow (unless completely necessary!) as that is what helps determine the shape of the brow. The arch should meet just off the iris of your eye and the beginning should be in line with the side of your nose. The easiest way to measure this is by using a brush or straight edge like so….

stage 1

Next use a fine tipped angle brush or a freshly sharpened pencil (depending on your product) to start mapping out the brow from the beginning to the arch. Once you have mapped out both the top and the bottom of the brow join up the tip with a clean point. Then lightly feather the beginning of the brows by either using a lighter shade or just a softer pressure and slowly darken as you get to the tip.stage 2


Whether you’re nicely natural with them or ferociously fierce, you’re fabulous!

By Connie O’Neill

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