We have a new addiction. We are not ashamed. We openly flaunt this addiction at work, at home, even on the bus. We are the Semple girls and we are addicted to Pinterest.

Was anyone else starting to get a bit bored of Facebook? Over the last year the original social network has become less social and more show off to your friends/frenemies. It has become an outlet to moan or be moaned at, and nevermind the social, political dramas of ignoring someone on Facebook or even, gasp, unfriending them. Navigating the etiquette of Facebook has become almost a full time job in itself.

Even other popular sites like Twitter gave you nowhere to turn. Social media was starting to become more like a social minefield with the potential of trolls, moans and envy at every update! And then we found Pinterest. Like a breath of fresh air our social media world was suddenly filled with mood boards, jokes and helpful tips.

pinLike Instagram, the visual aspect of the site really appeals to us and makes it hard for trolls to rear their heads in the Pinterest world. Trolls and general online moaners tend to like to remain anonymous and seem reluctant to show their faces on the pinning site. Whilst we are sure there are those who like to add negative comments to the images on Pinterest we are yet to find them. The sharing and inspiring nature of the site lends itself to a happy social environment and whether you have one million followers or one follower makes no difference to your enjoyment of the site. With search categories ranging from women’s fashion (unsurprisingly a firm favourite) to home improvements (amazing DIY tips) and of course cooking (food porn!) there is a pin board for everyone.

Just a word of warning, this site is addictive; your hands will never be idle again, any spare moment you will be on your mobile pinning away. But like all addictions there is a downside. Sometimes Pinners can make things look so easy and that is where “Nailed It” comes in.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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