Nestled just off the hustle and bustle of Windsor’s busy tourist town is a restaurant you must frequent. GoGo’s on The Waterfront is a family run eatery that is unique amongst its kind; the moment you walk through the doors you are made to feel welcome, “me casa su casa” (or whatever that would be in South African…) Gay and Greg Orlandini have made this restaurant just that – home. The importance of great food, good people and an abundance of love is evident in everything they do at GoGo’s. The atmosphere is friendly, kind and relaxing, you shall not be rushed, here you are their most esteemed guest. Nothing is too much trouble and the approachable nature of all the staff puts Gogo’s head and shoulders above  its commentators.


The food is dramatically theatrical and above all, a gastronomic treat for the taste buds. Delight in deliciously sticky ribs (not for the faint hearted, that was a seriously large pig) to their signature Espetadas, which feature skewers of juicy marinated meat and sea food suspended over a choice of chunky home fries or rustic roasted vegetables; this is the must have of the generous menu. There are the usuals, burgers, salads and something for the veggies – but that’s where the similarities stop. There is nothing usual about GoGo’s take on the classics. Burgers are teamed with bacon and banana and sea food salads burst with colour  flavour and freshness.

espt Espetadas all round. Why not opt for one of each and share with your table.

The carnivorous menu even makes room for more than the odd two veggie dishes, just testament again to how they always have you in mind. If you were looking for something lighter, a sandwich would seem the natural choice, not here. GoGo’s portions are bountiful and thank god, it’s so good I dare you not to clear your plate. The word about town is there are some new rather exciting exotic dishes to be added as well…Crocodile, Ostrich and Springbox. Additions that will no doubt make the already stand out menu even better.


 Steak sandwich on bloomer bread…Sink your teeth into that.

After indulging in your gigantic feast the last thing you will feel like is pudding. But make room. All homemade in house they are the real deal. Choose from the devilishly delectable Brownie and Cream, Amarula and Coconut parfait or the lip smacking Lemon Cheesecake. The presentation is second to none, they are so pretty you wont want to eat it. I advise you do though, they are incrediable (warning may cause your jeans to feel one size to small).

mixWith cocktails this good make sure you book a taxi. This cheesecake needs no introduction…just look at the size of it!

Food aside GoGo’s also gets it spot on with their cocktails. Originals such as the Tequila Sunrise, Whiskey Sour and Mojito are up there, but if you fancy something a bit different try the Bacon Bloody Mary or the Lemon Drop. Unwind with your drink on the deck and enjoy the goregous sunset, you wont get one like this anywhere else in Windsor let me tell you.

Great food and generous company, it really doesnt get better than that. So as the last of the autumns violet and rust rays melt into the river that gently lulls the boats to sleep, I leave, safe in the knowledge that I will be back. Just try and keep me away. Table for two please…


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By Sophie Maguire




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